Tovuti hii ni bado katika maandalizi!

Wakati huu Asante kwa ajili ya kupata tovuti.
Samahani, tovuti hii imekuwa sasa katika maandalizi.
Tafadhali jaribu kupata zaidi kidogo baadaye Mara, pia tovuti hii.

※It is a message to those who can read English.
This homepage has not been completed yet. Since it is currently undergoing major revision, please wait for a while. I’m sorry.

In addition, the official opening is scheduled for February next year. 2018 will end and 2019 will come in, everyone please take care of yourself. I hope this year will be a good year, and next year will be a better year.

New Year ‘s Day, New Year’ s cards are in Japan. It is like a message card celebrating the New Year, not a message by e-mail. I believe that a more peaceful world will come if these cultures are permeated throughout the world. Everyone, please make a New Year’s card by all means this year and send it to your friends.

Although it is in Japanese, about how to create New Year’s cards is introduced in these sites. For your information.